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Taganrog Telegraph-Telephone station

  • five Internet access offices with approx. 120 modems total quantity;
  • installation of cache server for HTTP and FTP;
  • development of HTTP server of Taganrog Telegraph-Telephone station and WWW hosting for clients;
  • launched four centres for public Internet access in Taganrog. Accounting software composed using C, Perl and Shell. The control of client's PCs is organised using WWW interface;
  • WWW interface for charging/charging-off clients account;
  • WWW interface for supervision of all servers (mailq, ps, lpcontrol, vmstat, iostat, etc.);
  • development software for keeping statistics of node using perl, awk, shell;
  • development of filesystem backup;
  • configuration MySQL and PostgreSQL;
  • AAA using GNU-radius and PostgreSQL database;
  • configuration of file and print service using SAMBA.

Environment: FreeBSD 2.2.8-4.3, SCO 5.0.4, Cisco IOS 12.1, Windows 98/NT/2000, X Window System X11R6, C, Perl5, sendmail 8.11.3, INN 2.2.2, Apache 1.3.6-1.3.12, PHP 3.0.15-4.0.3, NFS, Squid 2.1, Samba 2.0.6, Gated 3.5.11, Wu-ftp 2.5.0, Cyrus 1.6.24, BIND 8.2.3, mgetty 1.1.19, PPP/PPPD, MySQL 3.22.32, PostgeSQL 7.1.1, Taylor UUCP 1.06, GNU-radius, awk, shell-programming, dump/restore, cpio. Intel base computers, Cisco routers. Multiport boards and modems are manufactured by Motorola, Granch, Zelax, Cronyx, Comtrol, US Robotics, 3com.

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